Yanghyun Prize

The Yanghyun Prize was created in 2008 following the wishes of the late Chairman Sooho Cho whose passion in art led to active promotion of various cultural activities with the ultimate goal of bringing Korean art to the world stage.

While visiting major international galleries and museums, he often expressed his disappointment in Korean exhibition rooms with their limited spaces and underrepresented displays. By bringing spotlight on the Korean art and its artists abroad, we hope to increase international recognition and nurture Korean artists in the future.
The Prize will be awarded to artists, not restricted by nationality, whose works we hope to showcase to the global audience.
The Yanghyun Foundation and the Yanghyun Prize will continue to promote globalization in arts by awarding artists not limited to Korean artists but including all talented international artists and their commendable works. We hope that the Prize can ensure that more opportunities to appreciate art become available to general public in more places.

Our Focus

To honor / identify / reward / promote living and aspiring artists whose creative works demonstrate a combination of those qualities of talent, vision, and commitment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the art world, without any restriction on the form of art, genre or nationality

By supporting promising artists, we expect to contribute in further development of the culture and arts industry, not only in Korea, but around the globe