Yanghyun Foundation

"Living in harmony with a wise and caring heart of the great ocean"

Named after Chairman Cho's honorable byname, "Yang-Hyun", Of which literal meaning is "Wisdom-Ocean".
The Yanghyun Foundation was established in 2006 in pursuit of the philosophy and desire of the late Chairman of Hanjin Shipping Co.,Ltd., Mr. Sooho Cho.
He devoted his entire life to contribution to the society by fulfilling corporate responsibilities and promoting redistribution of wealth.
The Yanghyun Foundation is one of many ways he had dreamed of to accomplish these goals.

Yanghyun continues to diversify and intensify its efforts to support various activities that can benefit different reaches in our society.
Yanghyun focuses on supporting various academic research projects in shipping, logistics and maritime industries.
Scholarships and financial aid have been established for young talents in arts and sports and for those young children with financial difficulties suffering from serious illnesses.